Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vintage T.Shirt Freestyle over Jay-Z's "A Million And One Questions"

There was a trending topic on Twitter that was "In 1998 I" and I got inspired to let you guys into what I was doing over 10 years ago in Queens. I don't have a picture on my computer from back then so here's the lyrics to the second verse of a freestyle I did with the kid Spinnmaster.

I run around but I'm never rushed
talk loud but I'm never hushed
you? you like committed
you look but you never touch
I can say this anyway you want me to say it
look, we gon play the way Style wanna play it
you ain't fuckin' with me
even your son looks up to me
money, you ain't raising a man
you raising a fan
you play on these streets but you'd break in the can
and yo, any questions, raise your hand
it's been, get some dough
I ain't change the plan
no, chilling in the Range, ain't the same in a van
niggas wanna bomb your ride
I'm calm, I survive
and they never let you be till you hit that swan dive
play that back and tell me, it sound like real fear?
I've been astounded, surrounded
and look, I'm still here
I don't walk with my head down or talk lower
in fact, I walk slower, through your whole crew
I don't ride the front of the bus
or cross the street
how it look to the workers if the boss is sweet? Blaaow !

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*I started with "Shiiit, you telling me ?! When the fuck I'm supposed to ready ?!?!" because right before Spinnmaster hit play he asked me mockingly if I was ready. I spit the whole fucking thing in one take.

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