Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nas' 1991 Demo Tape

I've seen this a few places and it's funny cause it didn't really mean much to me. Lemme explain. Nas is one of my favorite rappers but off the bat I felt like this couldn't teach me anything because of how long ago it came out. Damn near 20 years ago things were a lot different and the music business was a different place. Anyway, I decided to download it myself because regardless of anything, it's an incredible thing to own. Put it on and think of what this little nigga Nas was up to, thinking about, getting into while writing and recording these joints. Was he scared he'd never make it? Was he excited and confident? Word is, Nas took this tape to Faith Newman-Orbach and David Kahne at Columbia Records after getting deaded by Russell Simmons at Def Jam the same day.

*YN found this quote and I thought it was fascinating.

"He sounds like G Rap, and G Rap don't sell no records. I'm not fuckin' with Nas."— Russell Simmons

Download Nas' 1991 Demo Tape

*The above picture was taken in the summer of 94' in Astoria Park under Hells Gate Bridge, 2 blocks from my crib. That year I rapped my first verse on a mixtape by a young, DJ Money.

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