Thursday, July 2, 2009

ummm.. Drake's New Video Directed by Kanye West.. eh.

This is not that good. I'm sorry. I was seriously excited to see it and ready to love it. Going by the names attached to this record, this thing should be huge. Pause that. It's really not. I blame it on 2 things mostly. Fact. Kanye West is a very talented and creative person but you, him, or I can't just decide to direct one day. You gotta know what the fuck you're doing. There are aspects of this that are great. I mean, besides the obvious. But overall- it isn't skillfully done. The other thing about this, is you can tell how inexperienced and new Drake is, to all this "being a rapper" shit. You can see it in his movements and hear it in his voice. He strikes me as cornball in this clip (he has in the past too but here more than ever). I think he's become a great writer, and naturally very musically inclined but he hasn't quite stepped into the shoes of the man just yet.

Maybe I'm reaching- think what you want.

It's the Best I Ever Had *Official Video* Directed by Kanye West.


  1. womp womp... it's as bad as the game

  2. that shit was corny... if they really wanted to conitune the buzz... kanye should have gotten off his ego and put his money up.. and gotten hype to do it.. that would be unprecedented... a no album motherfucker with a video from hype... wamp wamp.. kanye