Sunday, February 22, 2009

yo Dred watch this..

The Kickdrums are a production team out of Cleveland. The new EP Just A Game is coming soon. This is the trailer video Directed by Donnie Pagel. It looks really dope and I'm sorry I wasn't up on this sooner.
Thank You Santo

*bonus* download full song The Kickdrums- Just A Game


  1. word, i heard of them. my man greg sold one of their tracks to 50 cent.

  2. good looken for the update and keepen me in the loop my little nukka!!!! hahaha na the joint is fronten on me... brasilian dial up aint rocken ... gotta jump on a donkey and mozzy on into a city past the crowds of peaople "sambando na rua" dancing in the streests.... hahaha but i got a joint in my left hand and a peace sign on my right arm.... im good... ill check the video when the kid lands back in the city of gods... once i leave this city of god. 4 mo days my nigga...