Monday, February 23, 2009

ill rapper goodness

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still rapping that good shit/ still I'm backing that hood shit/ bring it back to the hood bitch/ can't deal
with that fake shit can't get it for self, so you take shit/ basic, lazy bitch/ get it up out my face, shit/ I
work too hard my girl tell me I work too hard/ I ain't work enough/ I got shit to do, I be stressed as fuck
and you wonder why I curse so much/ first, lemme see, I got verses, what?/ rent due, Mercer stuff
Shirt's in love on top of that/ Marc Jacob purses cost too much/ add to that, even if I make it, what's
it for?/ big house over by the shore?/ the whole world to explore?/ yo, wak rappers get me so mothafuckin'
pissed off/ wonder how I get off?/ real love for this rap shit/ niggas bumping my classic/ yeah, the
money's attractive, but that's it./ as a kid, you should of seen the dreams that I dreamt/ all the places I
went/ some of the memories that I kept/ and I bet you ain't never seen no 9 year old that can do that/
"oh cool, you rap?"/ "yeah son, true that"/ too bad./ as I got older I learned this/ everybody wanna chill,
but chilling don't make you rich/ and I wish this, niggas went as far as how hard they worked I know
some hardworkers that get jerked/ I know some dickheads that get perks/ man, it's bullshit./ fuck you even,
play the odd/ I rap sick and dress ill baby/ that's my job/ and I swear to God, you can chill with millionaires
and hotshots/ but you can never, will never do a thing to my props/ I can kick it./ yeah, I can kick it, not a
penny spent/ a real ill life won't cost you a red cent./ so I be getting it

-shirt (in the car, on the way home from Pittsburgh)

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