Sunday, April 5, 2015

Jay Z Speaks On "Tidal" At Clive Davis School, Full Transcript

Some of your favorites came together on Monday to announce, as I understand it, a new service owned by Jay, Kanye, Jack White, Beyoncé, Madonna, Arcade Fire, Rihanna, Usher, Daft Punk and others, that brings together the capabilities of iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube and more. Throw in exclusive content, higher royalty payouts for artists, HD video and hi-fi sound, curated playlists and whatever else these guys think of next, and this shit is sounding pretty dope to me. There's even talk of the $10-20/month subscription allowing free access to concerts throughout the year. If you ask me they might fuck around and change the game.

How difficult is it for an indie artist to put their music onto TIDAL? Services like Spotify can be very difficult, if not on a label or going through a digital distributor. Does the same apply for TIDAL? 

Vania: There is that difficulty, I know, with other services. I'm not a musician, but some of my friends are and they tell me "I had to go through an aggregator, I had to wait six months for this and that and nobody paid attention to me." And these are all things that we hear and that are very personal to us, and that we are addressing. The truth of the matter is, we took control of this company a few weeks ago. We're still a very young, nascent company and we have a lot of initiatives that we're working on, especially when it comes to indie talent, emerging talent, giving people visibility, giving people a forum to put their music up and giving them control of their distribution and their creative content, how they want to communicate with their fans. Those are all initiatives, and that one specifically is something that we're working on addressing. 
Jay Z: As well as having a discovery program, where established artists can take things that they like and just showcase them. It's all about paying it forward and working very cyclically and discovering new music. Imagine if Win from Arcade Fire puts up an artist that he discovered in Haiti — and he had this idea, actually, I don't want to step on his idea — and through the curation process gets something really good and introduces it to the world. And then the world is inspired by that sound. It gets a little ethereal from there, but just the possibilities of what TIDAL can do are really exciting, on a creative front.

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