Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jerry Seinfeld Answers 100's Of Questions On Reddit's "Ask Me Anything"

What a fucking gem. Jerry's one of the best ever for this.

R: Hey Mr. Seinfeld. I'm a huge fan of your comedy and my dream is to be a comedian like you someday. My question is, what made you decide to do comedy as a career? Anyone have doubts? 

J: I chose comedy because I thought it seemed much easier than work. And more fun than work. It turned out to be much harder than work, and not easy at all. But you still don't have to ever really grow up. And that's the best thing of all.


R: How do you deal with writers block? 

J: Writer's block is a phony, made up, BS excuse for not doing your work.

Read in full here (he was in the Reddit office for hours, keep hitting the load more button)

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