Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ernest Baker's "The Beautiful Dark Twisted Narcissism Of Getting Dressed"

One of our favorite young writers out here doing something for and knocking it out of the park. So good.

Focus on what you love and be enthusiastic. It’s not nearly as wack as being mad about shit all the time. If that means looking in the mirror and being like, "Wow, everything I’m wearing right now is really cool and worth a cumulative sum of X" and hearing Jeezy say, "I’m a sucker for clothes, that paper stack up if you let it" while you do that is comforting and supportive, then so be it. Basically, stop being a self-serious prick and relax your smug limbs. Nobody is impressed by your modesty and cynicism. You have a few weak ass decades on Earth, if you’re lucky, to give so many fucks about everything, so embrace these little, triumphant moments like leaving the crib looking clean as fuck. You can be enlightened and care about real world issues and still love the feeling of being like, "Yeah, this Raf shirt is rare as fuck" while Hov spits, "I spent all my Euros on tuxes and weird clothes" in the background. Cherish these glorious, albeit fleeting, moments of self-admiration because one day you’re going to die.

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