Thursday, December 19, 2013

Donda's Virgil Abloh Previews New Line "Off-White" Spring '14 Collection

I like some of this shit. Virgil's had his hand in dictating what these kids are rocking for some time now so it's only right.

Read interview and look Spring 14' preview here 

Cross-pollinating cultures is a key element in the Off-White project, as well as in the emerging streetwear-meets-fashion sphere altogether. (Abloh’s mentor in melding is Riccardo Tisci. “I saw him wearing Air Force Ones designing couture gowns—finally, there’s a glimmer of understanding that relationship.”) In a world inhabited by an increasingly savvy and interdisciplinary customer base, Abloh could be well positioned to be one of its standard-bearers. His state-of-the-culture pronouncements can sound a bit brisk to the uninitiated—”I want to represent this new era of styling, the post-Tumblr guy and girl”—but the legions are massed behind him. (Just check the fanaticism of his Instagram following if you disbelieve.) His Pyrex shirts sold in such quantity and such speed that retailers, including Colette’s Sarah Andelman and The Webster’s Laure Heriard Dubreuil, have already put in orders for the Spring collection—sight unseen. That new customer base, Abloh insists, isn’t only interested in fashion. They’re interested in the message, whether that comes from a T-shirt, a song, a video projection, or anywhere in between. “The first collection, I named it Youth Will Always Win,” he says. “It’s really that. I think that’s what [defines] this generation…if people are really paying attention, they are interdisciplinary and they can jump into the conversation at any point. My team is talented kids that have that same spirit. They’re excited to give ideas across any platform.” The platform-builder has just built his own.

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