Monday, September 9, 2013

"Station To Station" Art's Big Road Trip (Video)

Such a great thing.

Four years ago multimedia artist Doug Aitken began thinking about the experience of viewing art, and watching movies, and listening to music, and how it all seemed the same: confined within the walls of a museum, gallery, concert venue, or movie theater. “Things created within art or music or film or architecture, they’re often restrained by the system that surrounds them,” Aitken says. So he came up with Station to Station: A Nomadic Happening. It’s what he calls a “liquid art platform,” a constantly moving and evolving venue with no set parameters for experiencing the art. It sounds abstract, but, put simply, it’s art on wheels. On September 6 a train will depart Washington, D.C., and over a three-week span it will make its way to Oakland, California. Filled with artists, musicians, chefs, and seemingly everyone in between, the circus of players will collaborate on site-specific performances at each of the nine stops along the way. The shows will take place at the train stations and other locations, and a few will even happen on the train. Other times, Aitken says, they’ll stop spontaneously and perform for anyone who might just happen to be present.

Read about the project in detail here


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