Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Daily Beast Interviews Rick Rubin About Yeezus, Being The Greatest To Ever Do It Etc.

This guy just had another incredible year. This makes something like 20 years of excellence.

So how would you describe your role as a producer, in general?

Just as fan. Making music that I want to hear. You’re so close to something when you write it that it’s hard to have any perspective on how it hits someone else. My job is to be a professional version of the outside world—a listener who is not attached to any of it, who doesn’t know the story of how it was written, who doesn’t know how it works, who doesn’t know why this is important to you. Every record producer does something different. A lot of them are former engineers who come at it from the technical side. 

But you’re not twiddling the knobs and positioning the mics ...

I come from more of the fan side. It’s not so much how we’re going to do it. Instead, I become a partner with the artist in trying to realize the best version of who they could be.

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