Monday, April 29, 2013

TV On The Radio Talk New Music w/ Spin Magazine

Hearing from these guys is a trip. Just the other day I was thinking about my guy Gerard.

Have you recorded new TVOTR material? 

Yeah, Kyp [Malone, singer/multi-instrumentalist] and I went to Dave's place and studio in L.A. the last week of March and we finished a couple of songs. I'm not sure what's gonna be out when, but there's new stuff coming. We're sort of collecting material for a record, but right now we're only thinking in terms of songs, smaller things we can put out regularly until an album seems possible. Which I love. It's not that you're less precious about the process, but I like coming in and saying, "Let's make a couple songs," not feeling any sort of pressure to lock ourselves in a room. [Laughs] I don't think anyone has the space [in their lives] to do that ever again.

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