Thursday, April 18, 2013

7 Of The Best Comments/Answers From Louis C.K.'s Reddit AMA

6 days old. Sue me. This guy is the best.

What comedians today make you laugh? 
Hannibal Buress. Zach Galifanakiciksiswiwiwiww88899is 

Louie, what is pissing you off more than anything else this week? I hope it isn't this question.
Hope away, bitch. You just ruined my fucking month. 

Many comedians, including yourself, sometimes joke or fool around about certain subjects that many people think is over the line inappropriate, My question is, is there anything that you personally think goes over the line and you would never joke about or make fun of?
nope. I like joking about everything. This will sound too lofty because it is. This is going to an extreme to make a point: Saying a subject is too awful or painful to joke about is like saying a disease is too awful to be treated. Please do not take that out of context, the context being that I realize this is a crazy statement and I'm going to an extreme to make a point. 

What are the last 5 different websites in your browser history, excepting reddit?
good question! The ones I'm willing to divulge are... the onion cnn elton john lyrics ebay search "davenport desk" 

When and how do you plan on explaining your material to your children?
My kids know everything about what I do and about jokes and what jokes are and what comedy is. All we do is laugh and joke when I'm not raising them or feeding them or cleaning up after them or enjoying their company. 

Jealousy in comedy, how do you deal with it?
when i see someone else's great work, I feel a burning that is sometimes like jealousy. I wish I had done that. I want to be that good. that's all positive. Jealousy for someone else's success or opportunities: There is no greater waste of time. 

My questions never get seen/answered but fuck it… As someone who got success, let’s say… well out of his twenties (sorry)… how did you know this is what you wanted to do even when it wasn’t always working out that well? Like how hard is it to not just say FUCK THIS and just give up/try something else? I’m 25 and I wish I had as much motivation to get shit done as you seem to, but nothing really seems worth it. Sorry for being kind of a downer but I do think you’re great and if I ever run into you in New York sometime, I would be so excited to awkwardly shake your hand and not take a picture with you.
The reason you never get answers is because you kind of meander toward the point and everyone wants to kill you. also "How hard is it to not just say fuck this and give up" is about a quadruple negative so I don't actually know what you're asking. You'll be fine. you're 25. feeling usure and lost is part of your path. don't avoid it. See what those feelings are showing you and use it. take a breath. You'll be okay. even if you don't feel okay all the time.

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