Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Armed w/ Wifi On A Plane, And A Penchant For Inspiring, @jeffstaple Answers Some Twitter Questions

I went in and mined for some jewels. It's a tedious thing to do but I think it wields some good results. Always cool to get into the head of one of the guys you respect. And nothing better sometimes than real people asking real questions and receiving quick and concise answers. Enjoy.

@raleighfelton: What is the best way to get capital for starting a brand? 
@jeffstaple: From rich friends that don't care about losing money. 
@His_Sakness: What are your top 3 goals for 2013? 
@jeffstaple: 1. Be happy everyday. 2. Be happy everyday. 3. Be happy everyday. 
@enomis_DIY: What advice would you give to your younger, freshly-starting entrepreneurial self?
@jeffstaple: Find your unique angle. Then bumrush through that opening! 
@SMElovich: What's your favorite cereal? 
@jeffstaple: I don't eat cereal. Carbs are the devil. 
@tito_sheppard: Swishers or dutches? 
@jeffstaple: These are drug references? I been clean 18 yrs mang. Not a sip of alcohol or a puff since. 
@MakBorro: Advice for starters in clothing line? 
@jeffstaple: Ask yourself seriously (and often) why you want to get into this. 
@DanielFreshBot: If you could have one superpower, what would it be? 
@jeffstaple: Time travel. 
@TheIconicNC: New boutique in a smaller market in NC. Best way to market ourselves for collabs?! @jeffstaple: Don't seek colabs. Let colabs seek you. 
@JoshBeFresh: Best advice you can give to someone who wants to be a Creative Director one day? 
@jeffstaple: Read about these people: 1. Tibor Kalman 2. Saul Bass 3. Stefan Sagmeister 

More here if you care
*Photo by Trashhand

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