Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A$AP Rocky Interview w/ Pitchfork


It's because I'm from New York, and my sound was fucking amazing, and I'm pretty; I made it acceptable to wear braids and play JFK. But there was too much hype-- even I felt I was overhyped. I hate the hype. When 50 Cent came out, people were saying that he was the best rapper alive: "Oh, he got shot nine times, he's better than Tupac, he's better than Biggie." That was all hype. When I came out, people were saying, "Oh, he's the best, he's fly like this, he's the new kid, he's the swag master!" My album was supposed to come out in March but it wasn't ready! And I was like, "You know what, I'ma let y'all calm down and relax, let all that simmer down." Now, everyone keeps saying, "We're going to see if you can do as well as Kendrick [Lamar] did." I'm like, "What the fuck? That's my brother, man, chill." 

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