Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Source Asks T.Shirt (@sweatshirt) To Contribute Some Words About Big Pun

My man Nate at the legendary magazine asked me, along with Term & Emilio Rojas, to contribute a few sentences about what Pun meant to us, as rappers coming up. Rest in peace to pana, check out what we had to say. Big up to The Source for the opportunity.

Shit, man. Pun dying was such a loss. Kids took that shit hard. Hip-Hop took that shit hard. It might sound corny or what not but hearing Pun say, "I just lost 100 pounds, I'm trying to live!" was wild inspirational. Then boom. So unfair. I like the classics, the joints you can throw on to this day and whether you were a die hard fan or just from that era, you still know what to do. "100%,” "Still Not A Player,” "Twinz (Deep Cover),” and "It's So Hard" were some of my favorites. Kills me cause you hear the type of party/pop records Pun could make and they felt so organic. He never forced it yet the man rapped so well. Has me believe he most likely had so many good years [left] in him to make music. We really lost something special with Big Pun. May God rest his soul. 

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