Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reebok Presents: Classic Sessions NYC w/ T.Shirt & URNEWYORK (Video)

We working over here, baby. Jeff Staple, Reed Space & Reebok approached me last month about taking part in their new Art & Music series and you know I had to accept. For the visuals, I was able to shift their eyes onto what my guys at URNEWYORK have been up to. The whole thing just clicked. Before I knew it, everybody got to work and the result was just stunning. Reebok let us live, man. We took over a modest spot on the Lower East Side, built a studio, I re-recorded a special version of Puerto Rican Rum, Ski and 2 did what I can only describe as a New York City mural on 80's crack, we had the whole thing filmed and documented, and to top it off we threw a packed ass party. Packed isn't even the word. We had that bitch turned out, with kids wiping the fog off the windows from outside to get a look in. DJ Soul spun some of my favorite records, I performed, paintings were auctioned off for charity, 100's of Reebok Classics were given out free, and no one was killed. Success to me.

Up top is our mini-doc. Huge thank you to Reed Space, Jeff, Nico, Anna, Justin, David, my brothers Ski & 2, Kim, Soul, Darvin, and every single kid that came out to show love.

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