Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reviews Come Back For T.Shirt's "Ode To @Raekwon"

I wanted to do something a little different than I've done in the past. So many people had such amazing things to say about our latest work I thought it'd be dope to put a bunch of those remarks into one place. Once again huge thank you to my brother Ronin of HotMop Films and my mothafuckin' design consiglieri, Stephen Billick, of the design company JOHN. As much as people might like to believe I made this in my bedroom, we actually shot this thing outside, throughout the night, on a whole side of Stephen's house on 100 acres of private land in Connecticut. We were there for a lost weekend shooting another clip you might get to see sooner than you think. Thank you again to my boys, and thank you to all the fans worldwide for supporting our efforts out here. See you soon.

" Shirt bobs and weaves, bright light playing over him, it becomes clear that this video is more than the sum of its parts. The hat tip to the Chef is simple, but strong, a kung-fu flick deftly thrown up in the background. T.Shirt stands cool in front of the camera, rattling off bar-after-bar of battering New York City rap..." - Ben Lampin (TheSmokingSection)

"This music video started circulating over the weekend and, well, it's awesome if you're into Wu-tang, Raekwon, and top-shelf hip-hip in general." - (BroBible)

"one off the most most innovated videos on the web. excellent design. master work." - commentator on 2DopeBoyz

"For the visuals, the Queens MC puts on his shades and cuts through street language while standing in front of a projector that cloaks the rapper in vintage Japanese film clips. Even Raekwon himself gave it the stamp of approval." - ComplexMag

"Shout out to T.Shirt, if he’s not tryin I don’t know what trying is." - Heather (Herfection)

"Shirt does it again." - KLEPONE (HipHopisDeadly)

"Props on sending someone roses while their still alive. Plus he murders this track!" - Ben (Pleasedontstare)

"Fuckin’ fire out this guy!! Every visual so far seems to fall right in line with this guy’s artistry." - (WeveGotTheJazz)

"Since we are giving our respect to the Chef, I figure we might as well throw our dubs up in the air. So you do just that…one time for real Hip-Hop." - YNotMyDream

"...Japanese imagery brings the rugged rhymer's wax poetics to life. Homeboy's words (i.e. "aren't you sick of everybody singing the same song?") are just another example of how NY rappers are hungry to bring the crown back home again, and are sending a message to more thriving regions to proteck they neck and not get too comfortable." - Nate Santos (TheSourceMagazine)

"New T.Shirt never fails! Shouts to Ronin for an amazing job and the rest of the Hot Mop fam!" - artist, The ILLZ

"T.Shirt embodies the characteristics of a true NY cat on his I Should Just Chill LP, from the trife lifestyle to the attitude." - JungleGymMagazine

"Dopeness from T.Shirt's "I Should Just Chill" album. Free and independent music for the win." - HipHopDX

"No doubt about it, Shirt makes dope videos. "24 Frames" still deserves a watch if you haven't already and his new video "Ode to Raekwon" isn't any different. Relatively simple concept, but executed perfectly, this is everything an ode to The Chef should be (minus the mountain of cocaine and white German girls)." - RefinedHype

"New video from the homey T.Shirt. Long story short, it's fire." - ReedSpace

"T.Shirt spits on a thick mellow beat that Raekwon couldn’t, and because of that his “Ode” to the mafioso master is a true tribute." - YoungAndFicticious

"Using familiar kung fu samples that scream “36 Chambers”, T.Shirt wastes no time letting the mic combust from the flames he breathes. Melted mic devices was purely evident from lines dealing with “having expensive jeans around his ankles getting polished” to there being a few good NY rappers and one of them is a ghost (hint). Dopeness indeed." - Emilio Sparks

''Ode to Raekwon'' is such a cool visual, it just doesn't get boring... a collage of moving images." - producer of "Ode To Raekwon", The Letter L

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