Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jeter's 3000th Hit x Jay-Z x Watch The Throne

Ok, hat is sick. Jay actually captured the thing on video on his blackberry or something. Fucking crazy, watch here.

*Bonus: "Watch The Throne" is coming, it's big, and everybody heard it by us.
The big news starting a few days ago and well throughout the week from almost every major music news source was all of this Watch The Throne talk. Jay played the just-about-complete record to roughly 20 or so people in a pot-smelling room of the Mercer Hotel after coming from the Yankee game. I don't know about you but I'm pretty fucking excited. I can feed you links all day but here's the stand out facts from what I read about the project from numerous credible sources.

It was recorded largely in hotel room studios around the world. Nothing was emailed, everything happened in the same room. The album went through 3 vastly different iterations, H*A*M* being apart of the first wave of material which the duo eventually scrapped for being too "big and calculating". The only 2 guests appearing on the album are Beyoncé and Frank Ocean on separate numbers. There's an excellent song sampling Otis Redding, one sampling Ave Maria, and there's one the guys speak to their unborn children. Dude from the Fader got kicked out for breaking the "no live-tweeting" rule. Kanye was in Paris. Jay was cool as shit. No final tracklisting, song titling or release date has been confirmed. Jay's a few songs deep on a new solo album.

For far more detailed accounts from a couple people that were actually there, feel free to read Billboard's review, as well as Sean Fennessy's for GQ.

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