Monday, January 3, 2011

Opening Ceremony Interviews Kanye West's Personal Stylist, Cassius Clay

The kid is a 19-year-old Yale sophomore and met Kanye while shopping at Barney's 6 months ago. He's been traveling the world with the rapper ever since. I put together the little collage up top of what he's wearing for the interview because I think he does a pretty good job. All the pieces he chooses are dope in my opinion. Super decadent and original. It's the recent Village person ensembles Kanye's been rocking lately I'm not so fond of.

SC: Do you collect anything?
CC: I scour auctions for rare prints or discontinued colorways of Hermès scarves. I also collect the the "no-no" reserved signs from the Jane Hotel, matchboxes from the Bowery Hotel, and cellphone pictures of the Empire State Building as viewed from the Standard Hotel.

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