Wednesday, January 5, 2011

*New* Rick Ross "Pandemonium feat. Wale" & "Made Men feat. Drake"

I've been hearing some real opposing shit about Ross and before I offer up the next two downloads I wanna give my quick take on the matter. Nobody at this point is saying the man can't rap. He's nasty. He sounds so comfortable in his delivery, flow, tone, everything. He's just not saying anything worthwhile and it sucks but I gotta agree. You've painted the picture for us already, homie. You're a self-made millionaire rapper with illegal ties. Now what? More money and bitches? More drugs to be sold and niggas to get killed? This can't be life.

Download Pandemonium - Rick Ross feat. Wale (NR link)

Download Made Men - Rick Ross feat. Drake (NR link)

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