Friday, January 7, 2011

Jeff Staple Talks Lauryn Hill At NYC's Blue Note Jazz Club (January 5th, 2011)

Jeff Staple got to see the incomparable Lauryn Hill last night in NYC and besides putting up some choice personal recordings, he had some words about the experience. It's all just a sad affair in my eyes. People expect the woman (or man) behind the one-of-a-kind talent to also be "normal" and all there mentally and what not, when the two things almost never go together. Up top, a checked rendition of "Killing Me Softly".

"People paid hundreds of dollars. Waited hours and hours (she is well known for her tardiness) and she even canceled her early show that day leaving many without a seat. Why do we put up with her and all her drama? Because she is “Lauryn”. And no matter how much you love her, pity her, respect her or loathe her, you realize that anytime you see her on stage, it could be the last time you ever see her again. That’s how spiritual she is."

More words and video by Jeff here

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