Monday, November 8, 2010

Neck Face Interview w/ Hypebeast

In between shows in Miami and Los Angeles, the infamous Neck Face took time to talk to Eugene Kan of Hypebeast right quick about where he gets his nasty inspiration from. Ever the character, this is so short and to the point with about as much as death and gore talk as you'd expect.

Since you first started getting into art, was it always pretty crude and gruesome?
Hell yeah, even when I was a little n**** I was always drawing the same shit, it comes with the territory.
What is it about horror and morbidity that interests you?
Death and horror is my expertise, I just like the look on someones face when they are getting close to death. To me it’s all a funny act. In Mexico death is celebrated cause your going on to another world, so fuck it if you are going die, you might as well start celebrating now.

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