Friday, November 26, 2010

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Talks Recording With Kanye

From left to right: Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, Ye, Jeff Basker, Justin Vernon
Love these little looks into the studio sessions with these guys. One thing Vernon says toward the end really hit home with me and how I've been approaching recording music again.

"What was it like in there?
Very spontaneous. Kanye slept like three hours a night, at the studio. He was the only one who didn’t sleep at his own house. He’d work every day all day long and fall asleep in the middle of a sentence at four in the morning. All the other stuff it was just packaging. It’s just about whatever sounds good to him. In the sense of raw talent, people were just rolling in. I’d never heard Nicki, then I got to watch her destroy that verse in the studio [“Monster”] before I even knew who she was. And it was encouraging. We were listening back to “Lost in the World” and Kanye said, “That’s Justin singing that thing.” Nicki just looked at me, like, "Him? Right on … " It was a really rad thing."

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