Saturday, October 3, 2009

*Late Pass* one of Drake's realest lines off his song "Fear"

"I never cried when Pac died.. but I probably will when Hov does"

Download Fear - Drake

*I don't know why but that shit is so real to me.. whipping around last night with Darvin I heard this on the radio and it just hit me hard. I know ya think I hate on the kid but I'll be the first to acknowledge Drake has a long career ahead of him and the truth is the game needs more smart, cohesive MC's. My ONLY beef is that homie looks wak in videos and his flow pretty much never changes up.

*sidenote* We're gonna fuckin' miss Jay-Z man..

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  1. Dayummm DRAKE looks like a fuckin Moose in this pic. Talk about Wideeee Brow....