Friday, October 30, 2009

Beanie Sigel Has Some Words For Jay-Z .. my God this is hard.

At 1:43am last night Drama King played some shit ! Transcribing now.

Download Average Cat (CDQ/Dirty) - Beanie Sigel peace to Low

"..I'm a grown ass man I don't sit on niggas laps and I ain't looking for no gifts out of Santa Clause's sack, 
Santa ain't real, let alone is he black, catch you coming down my chimney and the mack'll go 
"..raise the hairs on your back, niggas talking 'bout compared to Sig you waaakk.."

"..I'm so bad, I'm a smoooth criminal, I'm a thriller holding a snub with a glove that don't glitter.."

"..I was the fly on the wall, you know what the fuck I witnessed ??! - I'll say some shit that make B look at 
you different.. and my gangsta was never on trial.. "

"..cause I was front row at The Blueprint 3, I was just trying to see him M C, and reminisce when we was the 
R O C, but he called on the C O P's not only that but he brought in the F E D's (snitch), so that's telling me 
F U Sig so F U 2 and F Bleek 3.."

" bounced that tennis ball around in your office for an hour !! .."

"..this me taking my brother in the yard for 5 minutes cause I got a knot in my chest.. many people gon walk in and out your life but only real friends leave footprints on your heart.."

"..the richest man ain't the one with his first dollar dog, it's the one who still got his first friend.. Rocafella 
for life nigga.."

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