Monday, August 24, 2009

T.Shirt's Monday Massacre w/ Mr. Oizo

A monster of a record produced by Darvin Silva at the infamous Blue Room.

Download Monday Massacre - T.Shirt + Mr. Oizo

"Upstairs, doors locked, smells like weed, call the cops
nah that's just T.Shirt, soda pop, holding my..
get em off e, go get coffee, mothafuck em all Blue
remember what I told you, your destiny is all you
scented candles, game on, blunt going, flame on
apologies to other rappers parade but I get my reign on
Shirt without a stain on it, nothing but my name on it
that's my DJ, look at that, his shirt it got the same on it
so I'm saying love, what you trying to get into?
she started asking questions, bitch this ain't no interview
I don't feel like talking, tell me how you feeling
wait, hold that thought, I'm hungry, lets go get Brazilian
I know I'm so bananas, my mind's a blank canvas
paint some stars on me, I'm out this fuckin' world
what the fuck was that? Oh, I'm coming back
I took a little trip, yeah it's a fucking wrap
my legacy is hard body rip apart the hardest beat
I remember back in the day in the studio on Hart Street
coming off the train at night, walking past these funny niggas
looking at me sideways, yes I'm wearing fuzzy slippers
I don't give a fuck at all, chiks can't get enough
I had this one girl tell me I hate you so much
then she sucked my dick, but she wasn't happy
she only swallowed a little, eh not too shabby"

I murder records, get a load of me baby ;o)

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