Friday, August 21, 2009

The most comfortable T-Shirt ever made by Loden Dager. No pun intended.

My New York Magazine makes my heart skip a little bit this week when I looked at the cover and it had something called T-Shirt Science. Maybe next year right?

Read the interesting article here.

Here's a snippet:
This shirt, if you’ll excuse me for sounding ridiculous, may be the most perfect garment I own. The fabric is thin to the point of almost being sheer, made of high-gauge long-fiber Sea Island cotton that is difficult to describe without resorting to clich├ęs: soft as a buttered, cashmere baby’s bottom? Yes, that soft! I’ve sampled some of the comfiest shirts out there, like the popular line by James Perse. But this takes it to another level. Designed by a New York fashion company called Loden Dager, the T-shirt is loose though not baggy, with shorter-than-usual sleeves, and it hangs just below the belt line. “It is a basic tee done in the most luxurious way we currently know how,” says Loden Dager designer Paul Marlow, who added that “we will keep exploring that limit and hopefully come up with something even better.”

Oh umm, it's $145 haha.

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