Friday, June 5, 2009

Jay-Z's Death Of Auto Tune *Mastered Dirty*

I don't even post radio rips but I have to, I just have to for this. Taking over Radio, Twitter, The Internet, Conversations & People's Lives everywhere, Jay-Z debuted his new song Death Of Auto Tune on New York's Hot 97. Me and all my people sat through 18 minutes of Flex and Mister Cee, the legendary, kingpin DJ's, talked shit and shut everybody down before getting to the big moment of blast off. As far as the record goes, the title speaks for itself. As a 40 + year old Jay-Z climbs the horns talking about how he "might bring back Versace Shades" you get goosebumps if you love Hip-Hop, you really do. The music behind him, the drums, the guitar, oh my God they're beautifully produced by No I.D. & Kanye West. I can go on forever so lemme jus stop there.

Download DOA (Death Of Autotune) *Updated Mastered Dirty - Jay-Z

"I might wear black for a year straight"

*Check out one of the best sites in the Hip-Hop game, YN's Rap Radar where Hov's personal friend has full and complete coverage.

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