Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Details Emerge about Hov's Blueprint 3

Miss Info tells ILLRAPPER A.K.A. Everybody:

Jay-Z's highly anticipated Blueprint 3 will come out on the anniversary of his first Blueprint, September 11th. After much speculation about who will actually put the album out, it seems there's some sort of joint venture going on with Atlantic & Roc Nation. More info ;o) coming soon.

*Bonus* Supposedly there is a record coming from Hov Produced by Kanye West called "Death of Autotune" and it's a banger. Sounds crazy. Also rumor of first single off Blueprint 3 coming this weekend. Who the fuck knows anything around here? Gotta love it though.

*All we know for sure is that Jay-Z has worn the same black shades for the last 2 weeks and *doesn't get haircuts anymore.

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