Monday, May 4, 2009

my Daytona post for The Engine.

I got some feelings about homeboy. I'm not gonna write it all here but I'm sure I'll end up speaking on it somewhere one day. All I'll say is that some years ago as we were all coming up, my team and I gave his manager some material and all of the sudden my man was rhyming differently, over rock music, that sort of thing. You gotta know the full history of everything to understand where I'm going with this. On top of it all, I'm a hard nigga to impress and I just feel like, my frustration about where I'm at currently mixed with dude's questionable style leads me to some times really wonder who the fuck is cosigning the kid and why aren't they cosigning me. Whatever though. Truth is I don't think he's terrible on records at all. A couple of my friends do haha. They're probably just being loyal to me though. I recently asked him to do a joint with me and he kinda ignored my question which I thought was corny. I was really just asking for some help despite the way I feel about everything. I guess this is how these beefs come about.

Anyway, I just heard this record he dropped today. The link seemed to be a little faulty so I'm giving it a new one.
I like it, it's chill and as usual Day sounds good money. It's his visual game that's really a problem for me. Download The Engine - The Kid Daytona

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