Friday, May 15, 2009

Amerie called. Said she needed a couple verses for her new hit record.. Amerie & T.Shirt *WORLD PREMIERE* Why R U (Remix)

She's way prettier than me but shiit I can rap my mothafuckin' ass off huh niggas? hahahaha. I love being such a bad ass ill rapper. Yeahhh baby ..

Download Why R U (Remix) - Amerie feat. T.Shirt

1 comment:

  1. Why didnt you tell me he rolled like this!!??
    I new you were good but i didnt now you were in
    i gott now some things about you man,
    Like did you write tha till i collapse verse for the contest or did you bring it from the soul, and how do you get connects like this??!, is it youre location? or is it just what happened because you stayed focused?? I dont know man just lookin for some pointers and wanted to say big ups to you. check me and the boys out dont forgett to check out my buddylist, there some big names on there. (WHATCH OUT FOR ME SOON???)