Thursday, January 22, 2009

O' Reilly, among others, simply do not get it.

I'm not mad at Bill O' Reilly and I think that's the problem with a lot of rappers when they come at this guy and defend themselves. We can call him all the names in the book a million times, but I think the most important thing we're missing is that unless your one of us, unless your in this shit everyday, you just don't understand. My president is black. Like, that shit is huge. Maybe not for you guys over there and maybe you don't think the man is qualified for the job but I do, and WE DO. And it's not a little thing. And when we talk to our peoples? We say "my niggas". And we curse when we wanna make a point, and we scream, and we act a fool to rile up the crowd cause we're rappers and we feed off the energy brought to these shows by our "niggas". It's weird cause I know I sound a bit ignorant, but trust me when I say this, I can switch it up and talk to you like an educated person. That's because I am an educated person, and I am rational, and I do have a good head on my shoulders but the footage you see of Hov & Jeezy on stage? That's that rap shit. And what they both said wasn't even that bad if you really wanna break it down. You can tell Jeez was excited and amped and mad at the legacy Bush left behind, and Jay? His part was clever and full of heart. Anybody watching it and feeling hate from these niggas on stage has it all wrong. It was love and happiness coming from these dudes, and as far as me and my niggas. We feel the same way. The mothafuckin' President is Black. And it doesn't feel like he has shady alterier motives, and it doesn't feel like he has ties to evil people hellbent on power and corruption. It looks as though there finally is someone up there, for our generation, who cares about us, all of us. It feels like the man is God fearing, and sincere, and heart rich. It feels like real change is coming. God Bless the Black Prez.

and to anybody else doing good for their niggas, and their chiks, and there kids, and their homies. May God Bless you too.

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  1. I'm mad at Bill O'Reilly. Really, fuck it, let's be mad. Not just for this absurd display of misunderstanding, or rather unwillingness to understand, but also for his glittering generalities, name-calling, and lack of subtlety, all of which he displays on a weekly basis. I go back and forth deciding whether or not it's productive to even respond to these shock-value Fox News in-your-face conservatives. (For the record, O'Reilly calls himself a "traditionalist." Whatever, he's a registered Republican.) Bill O'Reilly doesn't just understand what it's like to be a rapper, he doesn't understand what it's like to be a compassionate, thoughtful human entity. So if it were worth it at all, which it probably isn't, I'd totally be angry.