Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Favourite Songs Right Now

Vampire Weekend
I must say this, Vampire Weekend has one of the best albums out right now and might even win some Grammy's but this record right here, is my absolute favourite. The vocals are breathtaking, as is the songwriting and music behind it all. I first heard this joint when my homie comedian/musician Isaac Ramon played it for me about a year ago. I went crazy for it all the way back then but forgot about it. Then my pretty writer chik friend Willa started playing it and it changed my life all over again. Even though the kids will be just fine, this record is my favourite.

I've heard of Chromeo before but nothing ever caught my ear as fierce as this shit right here. This song is fantastic and I can't stop playing it. My man PM played it at the cafe and I put it on repeat 4 times. If you know me at all, you know I really wanna remix it but I'm trying to hold out. I'm trying.

Robust is an ill rapper from Chicago, Il and I caught his attention one day watching a skate video with my man Dred in the crib. This song was playing in the backround and I went crazy. 

Sia has an amazing voice and tamber and her music has me thinking beautiful thoughts.. plus me and my girl chillax to her goodness as well. I'm not gonna lie, Kanye West put me on.

Download my favourite from her  Sia- Soon We'll Be Found

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