Saturday, November 5, 2016

Independent, Fly Rare Car Dealer, Arthur Kar Talks To Ssense

This guy's life and work is something else. When thinking about people who freaked their whole shit, you gotta bring Arthur up.

Ssense: How does a 16-year-old kid get hired at Porsche? 

Arthur Kar: I got the job through perseverance. I visited the owner of the garage in Paris six times in a month telling him, “I wanna work for you, I wanna work for you, I wanna work for you,” until I got the job. I was at Porsche for four years, and then at age 20, I stopped because I realized I wanted to own cars. I couldn’t stay working as a mechanic if I wanted to do that, so I left and decided to buy and sell cars, little by little. 

Ss: You did what you had to do, and it paid off. 

AK: Well, I enjoyed being that 16-year-old guy washing the car. I still am that guy. I have just as much respect for the guy that changes the tires, the oil, that washes the car, as the guy who sells or drives the most beautiful car in the world. They’re all the same people because they all have the same passion and essentially, they do the same work. 

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