Friday, October 28, 2016

Kilo Kish Talks To Ssense

If there's an artist nowadays taking them fucking pics and doing her damn thing out here, it's Kilo Kish.

The tendency to be easily distracted is a trademark of our generation. And so few of us value alone time or understand the benefits of it. 

Alone time kind of fucks with you if you're a millennial. You have this crazy fear of missing out on things. When you're alone all you have are your own opinions and we're such a groupthink culture. You need to ask yourself, "Wait, how do I actually feel about this?" What I grapple with now is the other extreme. I spend so much time alone that I have to force myself to live within reality. I have to force myself to be like, "Oh, fuck. I need to do social media.” It's really strange. What I like to explore in art is, what's acceptable to the public? What's not acceptable? What are the different ways I can get around this stereotypical way of presenting myself? It's a never ending conversation.

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