Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bernie Sanders Interview w/ Rolling Stone

This is great. On some dope question and answers, you know? This upcoming election is especially important to me and I might start making more of a big deal about it.

This whole part here is so money:

You've had a front-row seat for the gridlock here in D.C. dogging President Obama. What chance do you see of getting your agenda through Congress?

If we win this election, it will have said that the political revolution is moving forward. In other words: I will not get elected unless there is a huge increase in voter turnout. That's a simple fact. And I will not get elected unless there are a lot of working-class people, who have turned their backs on the political system, now getting engaged in the system. Young people now getting engaged. And I will not get elected unless there is a significant increase in public consciousness. The Republicans get away with murder. They cast horrendous votes with the full expectation that most Americans don't know what they're doing. If I am elected president, the American people will know what [Republicans] are doing. And here's the good news: The Republican agenda is a very unpopular agenda. If people really understand what goes on here in Washington, and the power of big money and the power of corporate America and the power of Wall Street, then we will be able to get that agenda through. 

How would you keep your supporters involved from the Oval Office?

Look, politicians respond. If the people are asleep and not involved, they respond to the lobbyists and donors. But when people speak up and fight, if you want to survive [as a politician], you have to respond. My job is to activate people to fight for their rights and to force Congress to respond to the needs of working families. What the president can do is to say to the American people, "OK, if you think that it is important that public colleges and universities are tuition-free, and that that program be paid for based on a tax on Wall Street speculation, well, on March 15th there is going to be a vote in the House, and let's see if we can bring large numbers of people here to Washington to say hello to members of Congress. Let us make every member of Congress aware that millions of people are involved in this issue. They know how you are going to vote." Of course we'll win that. 

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