Thursday, January 1, 2015

Some Words

I was thinking maybe I'll write something here. It's been a minute I know. 2014 was really something. All ups and downs and sideways shit and yet we're still right here.

I'm excited as ever about the work I've been up to. This past year has been one of the greatest of my life in terms of being inspired and moved to be creative and make things and share. All the music, the paintings I've been doing, the multimedia stuff, the video with my cat. It looks different than I thought it would look at this point. It does. It's gone places I didn't anticipate and probably always will. It's looking like something though. Maybe I can make my whole damn life this one beautiful art thing.

I'm sorry if you like this blog and wish it was updated more. I really started "just to get some traffic" and put my friends on to what I was into. Over the years it's been cool. We'll be in the stores and my brother will say "that's some ill rapper shit." I love that.

But yo, my heart's not in it like it used to be. You can say I'm getting even more recluse haha. The more anyone can window shop on everyone's lives the more a guy like me just wants to keep some stuff for me and my people.

Don't get me wrong, sharing is still my favorite. Instagram is so clean too. I love that platform right from my phone. I read somewhere something like as information becomes more and more available and everything under the sun is up for our consumption at all times, the more it will be vital to look to certain people to tell us what's good and point to what we actually should be looking at. I can dig that. I'm a guy that wants to make my time here really worth something. I'm a guy that doesn't mind being the one learning the hard way to then be able to rap about it and make work that helps the next kid understand stuff better.

So on that note, I promise to always share the goods. Whether here, herehere, or here. Or wherever the damn I go next.

Love y'all. See you in the new year.


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