Monday, September 22, 2014

Two @ShirtNYC Interviews w/ AllPureMusic & WorkingEstate

Four questions via WorkingEstate.

What is your creative process from idea to finished product? 

Ahh that depends. Ideas are all around. Sometimes they don’t come for days, and I live and wait for them. Sometimes they attack me and I rush to write it all down, and I can’t write it fast enough. The oven is set to this very loud timer, and when it goes off I just walk over and bring them out.

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Via AllPureMusic

Introductions are unnecessary when it comes to the versatile New York rapper "Shirt" who has consistently released quality hip hop tracks with creative visuals to accompany them. Scroll below to read about his views on today's culture of hip hop and his famous stunt faking a New York Times article.

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