Tuesday, June 24, 2014

NY Illustrator Sophia Chang Talks To Highsnobiety

The homie Esymai gives some great answers. Peep game.

How is it for a young aspiring woman to work in a scene that’s mainly dominated by men?

Not easy. You’re always approached as a female first, instead of a professional. But I believe that the way someone carries themselves shows how they want to be approached. So I make sure I act and dress like how I want to be treated. I dont walk around with my tits hanging out and my ass everywhere. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that but I present myself in a professional manner and wear appropriate clothing. I am told I have a good handshake. I make sure I keep eye contact. I speak firmly and enunciate my words. I make sure I don’t mumble and I try my best to keep track of my sentences and the direction of my conversation flow.

See the full interview here

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