Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pharrell Talks To Fast Company Magazine

As with most of the time this guy talks, we listen.

Williams is a fan of what he calls tapping in: being open to the kinds of peripheral ideas that lead to innovation. It requires an environment that permits fixation--the antithesis of multitasking--so that you have the ability to, as he puts it, "be quiet and absorb." And walking into the hushed lounge on the floor below the Miami recording studio is not unlike entering a Zendo. Pleasant people--some plugged into laptops, some bustling about--work in near silence. It appears to be, as Williams describes it, "an extremely well-disciplined environment," and his preternatural calm trickles down. Shapiro says that the i am OTHER team makes it possible for "P to focus on the big picture and thought-provoking ideas. They fill in the blanks. They prioritize and get shit done." 

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