Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Village Voice Score Ultra-Exclusive Interview With Mysterious Artist Banksy

Ahhh, a rare glimpse into the mind.

Banksy says he visited New York "a couple of months ago" to scout locations for the October show, but he "returned to find most of the empty lots I planned to use have got condos built on them already." 

He is now living in the city—not surprisingly, he won't reveal where he's holed up or how long he plans to stay—and he hints at a lack of a formal plan for when and where new pieces will be installed this month. "The plan is to live here, react to things, see the sights—and paint on them," he writes. "Some of it will be pretty elaborate, and some will just be a scrawl on a toilet wall."

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Was lucky to be able to finally see the Mobile Garden I had been hearing so much about last night in Harlem. It was just so dope. Some of the other stuff around the city going up every day is awesome too.

Locations and more here

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