Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Street-Famous Graf Writer COST Interview w/ Vandalog

A little bit of newfound respect for an old school guy who touched upon some marketing genius in his day.

"... I was in my relationship with my ex, heavily and I was happy and in love. And it put me in a place where I couldn’t paint. My apartment was a studio and she convinced me to convert it into a home, like a living room, a bedroom. So there went my studio. So she actually was detrimental to my artwork, when I look back. At the time I was happy with her and I was like, “Okay, let’s make a house into a home,” type of thing. But now, I want my studio back. So you know, sometimes things that seem really good in your life at one point, you look back a little later on, 5, 10, 20 years later and you might say, “Wow, that was good then, but was that really good for the grand scheme of my entire existence?” 

V: Would you change anything if you could? 

COST: Now looking back I’m like “What the fuck? What was I doing? I should have been painting and producing,” and I was hanging out and traveling around going upstate to the New England area, down south to Florida, like up and down the east coast a lot. Just chilling out, running my business, and now I look back and there’s this big gap where I didn’t do work. So I need to make up for that now, before I’m dead. But you know, I don’t really have regrets. It’s part of my life. It puts me exactly where I need to be..."

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