Saturday, June 16, 2012

Louis C.K. Interview w/ The World (Transcribed For, shout @LOUISCK)

Came across Louis' timeline recently and saw he decided to answer a bunch of questions one day while watching his kids play in the park. As far as I know the man keeps his own Twitter account and these are real, written by the man himself. Some of them are so fucking great.

Is it true that you grew up in mexico as a kid? if yes, reply to this tweet in spanish! si. What happens after you die? life goes on without you What did you say to Hillary Clinton at the TIME gala? I told her I have 2 daughters and thanks for being a good example. She said "fuck you, sidewinder" You don't follow anyone on twitter? Why is that? I have no reason to follow anyone. I don't desire to read tweets. what's the beef with pot? none. Its just not great for comedians. why are you so good? I try really hard and I keep trying to improve and learn and I like it. if you see a child fall and bust their shit, would you LOL? bust their shit? Are you a fucking idiot? Anyway, no. I'm a father. I'd be really sad and I'd try to help do you like stuff? I fucking hate it. Can my husband and I buy you a beer in Denver next time you're here? no. but thank you very much. show in nj/ny soon? Any good movie recommendations? "a separation" is a great movie. What is the single best thing about being a comedian? oh man I love it. All of it. are your kids growing up with justin beiber concerts as well? nope. have u ever been in the middle east? iraq kuwait and afghanistan for a uso tour. So not really. Just army bases. would you like to do parks and rec more often? Which do you prefer louie or parks? yes I would. I'm too busy and live in the wrong city for that. what's the best or worst masturbation location, in your opinion? the foot So what's it like now having a bit more fame? its new and strange and mostly not a factor in my daily life. I love the way you use music on Louie. Are you a classical music fan? yes very much so. any interest in doing some shows in Canada? I love canada. Probably in 2 years ill tour there. Coming to toronto in the fall. what would you say as advice to a comic just starting out? don't smoke pot. Go on stage. Repeat. Since you're not doing anything, Would you mind standing in line and picking me up a Shake Shack burger?! Please! I really would but I can't. My kids are in the park having fun. Sorry. what's your opinion on grown ups playing video games? well for me its boring to be in a room where that's happening. Because I don't do it. But that's just my experience. is your apparent loneliness a part of your act or are you as bummed about life as you seem to be? I'm not bummed about life at all. Should I make my wife dinner? YES. How do you feel about Andy Kaufman? I mostly feel that he's dead. But I really liked when he wasn't. what's the weirdest thing a woman has ever said to you in bed? "seven jews just touched my chin"

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