Friday, April 20, 2012

T.Shirt Drops A Verse On @asvpxrocky's "Goldie", Produced by @HitBoy_SC

New album in May.

is it equal parts what I do mixed with how the fuck I do it
or is more just me, and nothing to do with the music?
fluent in body language, you niggas need to cool it
holding your breathe around me now you looking a little blueish
foolish pride, foolish, get some bitches to fool with
get money, do what you love, stop fucking around and do this
people on the sideline looking a little ghoulish
my girl plays her cards right I'm looking into jewelers
Blueroom stupid, smoke thick as my denim
you niggas is losing it, you all sound like you're settling
blue jeans, red eyes, whole style like raspberry
skin looks like the shit was made out of Cadbury 
Happy Easter to you muhhfuckas, peace you muhhfuckas
happy summer, don't talk to me on the beach muhhfuckas
and I'm gonna be with some pieces so stay the fuck from my towel
no photos allowed unless you Ricky Powell
pow pow pow pow

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