Monday, August 8, 2011

T.Shirt Interview w/

This is some in-depth shit. Thank you goes to the director of TheSoullective for reaching out last month before I went to LA. I've never done a song breakdown like that before either so it took a minute.

One of the main reasons I gravitated towards your music is because you have this raw style that reminds me of early 90s, New York hip hop. I immediately think of Wu Tang, Mobb Deep and Nasty Nas when I hear you. Why do you think that New York has gotten away from that style of rap?

Thanks for the big comparisons. Honestly, it’s just a different world. It’s literally not the same New York it was in the 90’s. I’m not mad at it. We had that and now there’s all this. If you’re lucky enough to have made it through with some great memories of how it used to be then sweet, but we’re making some brand new great memories now. I think rappers getting away from that raw sound you talk about is merely due to the music they stopped listening to. The parties they stopped going to, the people they stopped hanging around. Everything around you creeps into the sound and song content. Believe me there’s still a lot of “raw hip-hop” being made, it’s just terrible. Sure, Jay isn’t telling Reasonable Doubt stories anymore but I think most of the music he’s making now is fucking incredible. True artists never stay the same. I have no gripes with where anything’s gone, just the labels people use to describe something they don’t understand.

Interview + Art Bully (lyrics, breakdown) (Separate, direct links)

Photo by Andy J. Scott

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