Tuesday, April 21, 2009

T.Shirt talks a little about Drake

This is Drake^^^ not T.Shirt.

-I've been thinking about doing this post for a while now and I just haven't got around to it. It seems like I really gotta go in here, I dunno I'm just thinking too much probably. Lemme start off by saying, look, I like the kid Drake, I do. I think he raps well and sings great. I think he has a lot of appeal and very well could be the next young rapper to really go somewhere. To say that I don't see the similarity in us, as rappers, or that I don't see him as direct competition for an artist like me, is foolish. I consider our styles very similar.
Drake raps about life, and girls, and love, and lost love, and his niggas, and struggle, and celebration. I love him for that. He's got a great style. I question some of his moves like "freestyling at Flex" all while reading from a blackberry, or biting so much, my bad, sounding so much like Wayne. I think he's a bit corny too. Does anyone else see or hear that? It's so crazy how much the public has changed as far as what they cosign and who they show love to now. A few years ago, someone so un-gangsta wouldn't be tolerated up there doing this thing. Now, it's all the people wanna hear. For that especially I big up Drake and I'm happy he's getting his turn. God damn the boy is getting his turn. Doing records with Jay-Z, signed to Lil Wayne, all over radio with more than a couple hits. He's really getting a chance. From T.Shirt over here at ill rapper, Go get em' my nigga. I bump "Best I Ever Had" so much homie, I'm so mothafucking with it. Just know this. hahahaha... you know what's coming.. JUST KNOW THIS BOY. I love the pressure, I love the odds. You ain't got shit on me baby. See you soon.

For real Download Best I Ever Had - Drake *Courtesy of Eskay.
& check out his blog October's Very Own

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