Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vintage T.Shirt Music Part 1

ha! all official sounding. No the truth is I've noticed people are really downloading the stuff I put up and that's just so dope I can't take it. Please continue to do so. These are a few joints I did from 2001-2004. I'll post up more & more so check back often. They're all unmastered and might be incomplete and what not but people like them and I love to share so enjoy.

One Last Kiss - T.Shirt feat. Ronin

Walking - T.Shirt

The Response - T.Shirt

**Fun Facts**

*One Last Kiss is a story I wrote and recorded in 2003 and when people first started to hear it they thought the guy singing was a sample we got from somewhere. It's not. It's my good friend Ronin and his voice is just that sick. Also, that's his sister, my ex girlfriend playing the part of the neighbor. She was mad I wrote the song back then cause we were still together but she ended up calling me years later and telling me it was one of my best.

*That's a Bob Dylan sample on Walking and this is seriously one of my favorite Will Divide beats ever. Anyone know the name of the song we sampled?

*I wrote and recorded The Response because there was a dude me and Will were fucking with at the time, working with him, feeding him material etc. One day he asked what to me was a very dumb question, "where are you going with all this?" As if it's not obvious, as if I don't make it clear in everything I do. He's a good guy but that was a dumb ass question.

*Dred took the above picture.

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