Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ok you know what? It Begins.

when I first started my original intention was to create a site for just that. ILL RAPPERS. Of course, I gotta be the focus of this whole thing, I mean, not just cause it's me and I can do that but, let's face it, for those that don't know, I'm a pretty ill rapper. Actually, I'm like all the way ill rapper. I really had no idea as to when I'd open this special lane up for other rappers. I do believe the time has come. 

I give it to the kid Jay-Z. I say kid because there's a very important fact about the guy that I think goes overlooked. His flow is young. Shit, look, the guy is damn near 40 years old but the flow is oh so young. I give it all the way up to him and continue to be a fan. Jay-Z is an ill rapper.

download this new Hov joint "Brooklyn Go Hard" and peep the flowwww baby

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