Saturday, November 15, 2008

Break Free (Original Vocals) Circa 2002

"Break Free" is T. Shirt's first ever full length song produced by Will Divide. The 
above video for it is the first ever video production with Dred of Hop Mop Films. A 
golden age, if you will, for the three famous kids, this is widely considered what 
really began the movement and alliance between the young rapper, director, and 
producer. A timeless classic, "Break Free" features a couple of expertly reworked 
samples against beautifully wide open drums by Will, while Shirt weaves in and 
out of the music about lessons learned and the passion to break free of sadness. 
"We are the voice", the young rapper yells, and they were.

The unmastered mp3 for download below. Mastered version coming soon. I added 
the lyrics as well so check for those.

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